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Dottle ([personal profile] dottle) wrote on March 20th, 2012 at 09:14 pm
Meet Jelly Anne
Hello guys, I'm back! I've been incredibly busy with work and Etsy that I couldn't find time to play my favourite games. Add on the fact that my old laptop was crappy (note to self: never EVER buy Sony VAIO computers)

The old laptop broke down again, and instead of fixing it, I bought a new computer! It's an Acer laptop, with much better specs, so that means I can play The Sims 3 again! Excited, I went out and bought Showtime last week, not knowing it was only launched in Singapore the day before! Coolness. I'm just missing Generations and Pets, and all the stuff packs. Heh.

Anyway, been playing for a while now, so let me introduce to you my sim!

Meet Jelly Anne, your run-of-the-mill subculture chick.

She loves cooking, but she hardly has time for it (her career outfit doesn't match her, I know)

She also likes to draw.

She's also pretty adventurous. Thank god no one caught her when she was skinny dipping in the public pool.

Just these screenshots for now, having too much fun really playing the game! She's not one of my doll sims (I had a bunch of those in TS2) so I don't really take pictures with her. But I have a male sim and I'm going to introduce him to you guys soon!

When is my next off day, dammit...
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